About Us

The Indian Institute for Chess Excellence (IICE) is approved by the All Indian Chess Federation (AICF) to be India’s only FIDE Academy and so is tasked with the responsibility to facilitate national wide training and development by serving as an resource centre and point of reference for FIDE licensed trainers.

IICE is designated by the FIDE Trainers Commission (TRG) as both a Tier 1 and a Regional Academy, specifically for the Indian Sub-Continent, and generally for Asia.

These rights include, under the aegis of AICF, the internal organising of FIDE Trainer Seminars, Professional Trainer Education and Development Workshops, Developmental and National Instructor Courses, and Young Talent Camps.

List of Trainers

1 Pravin Thipsay: GM, FST, India’s third Grand Master, trainer of many GMs

2 Vishal Sareen, IM FST, Trainer of several Indian teams and several Grand Masters in last 20 years.

3 Sharad Tilak: IM, FT, Member of Indian team in the past, seasoned trainer guided many to strong players.

4 Hemant Sharma: IM, FT, Former India under-25 champion, coach of many young up and coming Indian students.

5 Akshat Khamparia, IM, FT Working with several young talents

IICE Mentor

Abhijeet Gupta: GM, FT, Olympiad Silver Medallist, 5 times Commonwealth Champion, Asian Continental Medallist, Former India Champion.