India has contributed 14 trainers from a total of 43 trainers from all over the world for the Olympiad Training Support program assisting 69 teams from 42 countries which is being administered by the FIDE Trainers’ Commission.

That is no less than 28 teams from 16 countries!

Neeraj-Kumar Mishra, Anurag Mahamal, and Akash Thakur are preparing teams both pre-Olympiad and on with site captaincy at the Olympiad.

1Neeraj-Kumar MishraNamibia Open Team
  & Women Team
2Anurag MahamalAngola Open Team
3Akash ThakurAngola Women Team

Vishal Sareen, Sekhar Sahu, Sharad Tilak, and Hermant Sharma are preparing teams at the pre-Olympiad stage.

1Swayams MishraBarbados
  & Women Team
2Vishal SareenBotswana
  & Women Team
  & Women Team
3Sekhar SahuFiji
  & Women Team
4Sharad TilakLesotho
  & Women Team
5Vedant GoswamiSouth Sudan
  & Women Team
6Hemant SharmaSomalia
  & Women Team

Sharat Tilak and Hermant Sharma are joined by Sohan Padre, Vedant Goswami, Ashkat Khamparia, Abhishek Kelkar, Prasenjit Dutta and Dinesh Kumar Sharma to provide on-site captaincy at the Olympiad.

1Sohan PhadkeDominica
2Vedant GoswamiDjibouti
  & Women Team
3Akshat KhampariaGuernsey
4Prasenjit DuttaPapua New Guinea
5Hemant SharmaSao Tome Principe
  & Women Team
6Abhishek KelkarSt. Kitt & Nevis
7Dinesh Kumar SharmaSwaziland
& Women